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 The Case for Copy Milling Cutters The round-insert "button cutter" can bring a high metal removal rate to a low horsepower machining center. By Michael Bitner, Product Manager, Dapra Corp. This article originally appeared in Modern Machine Shop magazine. The work of indexable milling tools is often accompanied by vibration that is a familiar sound – and a familiar feel – in many shops. When these tools are run at heavy depths of cut to achieve high metal removal rates, the productivity may come at the expense of the corner of the cutting tool and the life span of the machine. A 6" by 12" pocket, 1.25" deep, was cut on a 15 hp, 40 taper machining center using the copy milling cutter shown. Parameters were 2,200 rpm, 250 ipm and 0.035" depth. Cycle time was 8 minutes, 18 seconds. One alternative that can provide a smoother cut, in addition to many expanded capabilities, is the copy mill. "Button cutter" is another name for this type of tool. The c

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